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What are EZ-packs?

EZ-packs are our patented business card dispensers. They enables you to detach and reattach your business cards easily.
When you order your EZ-packs you get ALL your business cards bounded in booklets.
EZ-pack your business cards
EZ-pack your business cards

EZ-packs have many advantages:

* Detach / re-Attach dispensing functionality.
* Place at key point to have at hand.
* Protect your business cards.
EZ-packs Colors
Add a dash of color

Choose from our colorful choices:

* CLASSIC SILVER GRAY - for a classic look
* SKY BLUE - for a high-tech look & feel
* HAPPY YELLOW - for an optimistic look & feel

EZ-packs in action

Easy out, Easy in with our fully recyclable polypropylene covers - just watch...

EZ-packs on Youtube

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EZ-packs prices

Quantity Business Cards EZ-packs (Extra)
200 $14.90 $10.00
400 $24.90 $20.00
800 $39.90 $40.00

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*prices exclude shipping


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