Metallic Foil

Add some gold or silver glamour to your business cards

Golden Foil
Golden Foil

Add a gold foil to your business card to get an upper crust look and feel.

Recommended on dark backgrounds to create a WOW moment.
Silver Foil
Silver Foil

Add a silver foil to your business card to get a cool luxurious look and feel.

Recommended on dark backgrounds to create a WOW moment.
EZ-pack your Foil business cards

EZ-packs have many advantages:

* Detach / re-Attach dispensing functionality.
* Place at key point to have at hand.
* Protect your business cards.

How To Order

Order Metallic Foil - In Three Easy Steps (well, Two Really...)

Design On-line
Step 1 - Design
Design your business cards:

Use our templates
Upload your graphic file
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Postion Metallic Foil
Step 2 - Tell Us
Tell us where to apply the foil:

In the job-properties window, after you choose the foil effect, write in the yellow text box below, where you want us to apply the Matalic Foil.
It's OK, we know English :)
Showoff your business cards
Step 3 - Show Off!
Your business cards are on the way:

Complete the ordering process and let us do our thing - It's FAST!
Then, go to a place of your choice and SHOW OFF your amazing business cards.

Metallic Foil Prices

Quantity Metallic Foil Business Cards
200 $64.90
400 $124.90
800 $239.90

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*prices exclude shipping


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