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E. Weizmann - Corporations

Weizmann's focuses on the corporate identity (CI).
Using the logo and the company name as the main focus while maintaining a classic aligned text layout gives a feeling of a well organized design.
Best for industrial and technical oriented companies.
L. Cohen - Luxury

Cohen's style focuses on textures and pattern rather than a specific business sector.
Using high contrast color combinations with patterns inspired by leather, wood and glass, cohen creates a dramatic style.
Best for companies and freelancers dealing with luxury products and services.
M. Gelber - Small companies

Massimo focuses on initials & symbols as identity elements.
Using classic floral patterns and retro letter mark logos, Massimo creates an intimate feeling of tradition and history at the base of the brand.
Best for small companies, local small retailers and freelancers.
R. Edwards - Freelancers

Robbie uses brave white spaces and changing alignment structures to empower the text style as the main focus of this gallery.
This clean style is complemented by vivid colors, alternating patterns and dramatic photos, which creates a young and intimate style.
Best for creative freelancers.


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