Website User Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for orders on Karta Print’s website. By paying for an order, you hereby confirm you have read the website’s user agreement and terms and conditions, and accept them.
You declare you checked your order details and transaction information, including but not limited to the information on the business cards in your order, and you found them to match your print request.
You agree you do not have, and will not have, and complaints or disagreements on this manner, once the order is confirmed, and/or once payment is processed.


Using the website is conditional on the following details (Herby “Terms and Conditions”), and serves as an agreement on your behalf to these conditions. The Terms and Conditions determine the relationship between Intercheck Inc (herby: “The Website Operator” or “The Company”), which operates the website: (herby “The Website”), with any individual, group, or entity using the information on the website or information retrieved through The Website, and/or who published an add or commercial material on The Website (herby “The User”).

Online Information and Content

As part of the services provided through The Website, you may be required to provide a number of personal details such as: full name, address, email, credit card, and others. These details will be transferred and kept at The Company’s database. Providing these details is not required by law, but without providing fields defined as “required”, which are clearly marked as such on The Website, you will not be able to use the services provided by The Company. Providing incorrect details on The Website with lead to the deletion of your information from The Company’s database, and you will not be able to use the services provided through The Website.
By entering and using The Website, you declare you are freely providing the details, out of your own volition and free will, and that you forgo, in advance, any claim you may have in this matter towards the company.
You declare that you are aware that The Company does everything it can to secure your privacy and personal details, among other things by using clearing services and information technologies that are common in the field.
As part of The Company’s policy, The Company does not transfer your personal information, as mentioned above, without your permission. You declare that you are aware that The Company can transfer your personal information to third parties in the following cases, among other cases:

  • Providing costumer information (name, address, phone number) to a courier or delivery service, for the purpose of delivering a product.
  • Providing transaction information to a credit company, for the purpose of billing or charging a costumer.
  • Subject to a legal subpoena, order, decision, or ruling which require The Company to do so.
  • A threat or warning on potential legal actions (civil or criminal) to be taken against The Company, due to actions relating to you on The Website.
  • In the case you breach or infringe upon this contract, or any other legal provision.
  • If needed, for the purpose of settling any dispute, claim, lawsuit, legal procedure, or demand, between you and The Company.

The Company is entitled to send you, every now and again, via email or text message, information about its services, as well as marketing and commercial information. This includes information The Company produces, or information it receives from other advertisers. At any time, you can contact The Company to nullify your agreement to receiving such advertisements, and stop receiving it, within a reasonable time from your request.

Products and Services Offered on The Website

The Company offers the use of a unique platform via The Website, and only in the manner it is offered by The Company, and there is no other manner to use The Website without The Company’s agreement in writing and ahead of time.
The Company holds the exclusive right to add and/or change products and/or services provided through The Website, and to set the quantities and type of products and/or services offered through The Website, without any prior notice and without explanation to any user. The Company will set the methods for purchasing, price of purchases, and any fees, including user fees, cancelation fees, delivery fees, etc.

Printable Order Confirmation

The User declares that they have checked the order details and the information on the business card the are asking to print through The Website, and found that they meet their request for the print. The User declares they do not have and will not have any claims in this matter, once the order has been confirmed and payment has been processed. The above includes any claims on design details on the business card or order (such as, and not limited to: phone, email, name, role, company name, logo, alignment of details on the card and their location, other phone numbers and fax, QR code, etc.). The User declares all of the above are correct when the order is confirmed and the payment is processed, and to the User`s specifications. The User declares they are aware of any differences that may occur in color, tone, and hue due to differences between the computer screen, or the screen of another viewing device, and the final printed product, and relinquishes and claims on this subject. The Company will not be responsible in any way for the contents on the business card, including and not limited to typing errors, or any other error, once the transaction has been confirmed via payment or order confirmation through The Website.


The prices of the products and services will be posted, from time to time, through The Website. The Company reserves the right to change the prices of products and/or services, without prior notice nor explanation. The User relinquishes any claim towards the company on this subject.
Prices listed on The Website do not include transportation nor delivery charges, but do include VAT, unless otherwise specified.


The Company will provide the service and/or product ordered by The User within 3 business days, to be counted after receiving the transaction confirmation from the credit company for the transaction.
Delivery shall be provided to The User`s home, nearby post office, and/or another address provided to The Company by The User – in accordance with the delivery terms and conditions of the providers and/or couriers used by The Company.
However, if the courier service used by The Company cannot carry out the delivery for any reason, The Company will inform you that you can coordinate receiving the product at The Company`s offices. If collection by you is not possible, The Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction.
The Company reserves the right to delay any service or product that has not been fully paid for, as required by the communications between The Company and The User.

The User declares they accept the policies put forth by The Company regarding the use of courier or delivery services, and delivery confirmation as performed by these services as a confirmation for delivery, and that The User will not have any claim in this subject.

Canceling Transactions

In case you will interested in canceling a deal or transaction with The Company for any reason, in the condition that cancelation is done prior to the completion of the transaction by The Company (a transaction is completed once it has been sent to print), you may inform The Company about your request to cancel the deal through customer service, or the correct form provided on The Website. In this case, you will be charged cancelation fees as is allowed by law.
In the case you request to cancel a transaction after it has been sent to print, you will be charged the full price of the relevant order.
The Company reserves the right to cancel a transaction by informing you by means of its choice, such as email or phone text message, if The Company decides it cannot provide the service and/or product due to circumstance beyond its control, such as, but not limited to: force majeure, power outage, break-in to The Company`s facilities, worker strikes, phone outages, fire, internet malfunction, or website hacking. In these situations, you will not be charged cancelation fees by The Company.

Limitation of Liability (Advertisements)

Any user may use The Website, and the services provided on The Website, as long as they comply with the following aggregate conditions:

  1. A user may not impersonate another person, or use the credit card of another person, or any of the elements of the credit card of another person, with the intention to deceive or fraud.
  2. The User, while using The Website and/or the services provided through The Website, may not use them for promoting or advertising of a racist and/or offensive, content, nor content that may cause defamation, or otherwise transgress any law, including and not limited to:
    1. Any content that harms and/or violates the property rights of any third parties – including copyrights, trademarks, and any other intellectual property rights.
    2. Any pornographic context, or content with clear sexual nature;
    3. Any content that has been prohibited by law (e.g. advertisements of sex services);
    4. Any content harming or infringing upon the privacy of another person;
    5. Any content or information about minors, which identifies them, their personal information, or their address or ways to contact them;
    6. Passwords, usernames, and other information, which enable the use of software, digital files, websites, and/or services that require registration, including both paid and unpaid services.

In addition to the criminal responsibilities for actions mentioned in clauses 1-2, The Company reserves the right to cancel and offer or transaction, if it has been discovered or suspected as an attempt to perform any of the above, at The Company`s sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to take any legal actions at its disposal against those who took the prohibited actions above, including civil lawsuits for damages that have been caused, and/or will be caused, and/or may be caused to The Company, anyone on its behalf, and/or third parties.
The Company reserves the right to the final decision on whether to disqualify or allow any part of the materials sent to it by users.
The Company reserves the right to refuse providing service through The Website, or any other means. The Website operator reserves the right to collect information on the pattern of behavior of users on The Website, and to use this information to improve services on The Website, its operations, and its contents.
The Company will not bear the liability for any errors or mistakes with the material presented on the website, and The Company will not be responsible for changes performed by it on The Website. Only The User will be responsible for the manner they use the service. The Company will not be responsible for any damages, and/or expense, that are directly and/or indirectly caused to The User due to using the service and/or Website.
The Company does not commit that the service provided by The Website will not be interrupted, or will be provided continuously without breaks and disturbances, nor that it will be immune to access without permission to The Company`s computers and/or the computers of its providers. In cases such as damage, malfunction, errors, hardware failures, or software or communication services failures with The Company or one of its providers, The Company will not be responsible to any damages, direct or indirect, nor any stress or anguish, etc., that will be incurred by The User or their property, due to the aforementioned issues. Additionally, the company will not be required to aid, support, or help, technically or otherwise, in regard to The Website, uploading and/or downloading contents from it, using any equipment, etc. The Company reserves the right to shut down The Website and change it, from time to time, including its design, looks, structure, and availability of The Website or the services and/or contents provided through it, without prior notice to users. The User will not have any claim, demand, or complaint to The Company on this subject.

The User knows that differences in the colors, tones, and hues, as seen on a digital screen (e.g. computer, phone, tablet) can exist and occur, including differences with the final printed product – The Company will not be responsible nor liable in any way to these differences. The User will not bring any claims or demands for any compensation or remedy on the subject printed colors, hues, or tones.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All pages on The Website are The Company`s property. The pages may not be copied, duplicated, or published, in whole or in part, without the explicit permission of the company, in advance and in writing. The Website is meant solely for individual use, and not commercial use. Adding, changing, copying, distributing, broadcasting, publicly displaying, duplicating, publishing, or providing any part of The Website to a third party, without the explicit agreement of The Website operator in writing and in advance – is strictly prohibited. It is known to The User that all the rights for the name and trademarks on The Website, including its structure, design, and services provided through it – belong exclusively to The Company. Copying, duplicating, and/or using any of the above for any purpose is strictly prohibited


The User commits to indemnify The Company, its employees, its managers, and anyone on its behalf for any damages, losses, payments, or expenses caused to them – including lawyer`s fees and legal expenses – due to the violation of any of the terms of this agreement. Additionally, The User will indemnify The Company, its employees, managers, or anyone on its behalf for any claim, lawsuit, and/or demand that will be brought against them by a third party due to The Users use of The Website or the services provided through it.

Choice of Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions of this User Agreement are bound to Israeli Law. The sole authority for any action relating to and/or arising from The Website and/or its use will be brought to the ordained legal court in Tel Aviv, Israel.


At its sole discretion, The Company may change the Terms of Use and User Agreement, from time to time, without prior notice. The Company will publish the new Terms of Service and User Agreements, and they will be valid from the moment of publication.