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How Long Until I Get My Business Cards ?
All business cards will be delivered within 2-5 business days.

How Can I Pay?
We currently accept credit and debit credit only.

Can I Pick Up My Business Cards From Your Location?
We are located in TLV Israel, so Nope...

...Wait! From Israel? in 2-3 days?

Isn't Shipping Expensive?
Nope...In fact, usually our shipping prices are at the lower end of the scale.

Can You Design My Business Card?
We focus on printing business cards, but our studio is available at your service to help you as best as we can, just send an email to studio@kartaprint.com.

What are EZ-packs?
EZ-packs are Patented booklets that hold approx. 16 business cards in a colorful and stylish cover and enable you easy business card dispensing while protecting your business cards from bending and creasing

How many EZ-packs do I get in each order?
When you order EZ-packs, you get ALL your business cards in booklets, as many as needed.

I want to order business cards with metallic foil, how do i tell you where to implement it on the business card?
Easy, after you choose the Metallic Foil option, just write in the comments where you want us to implement it. The same goes for spot gloss.

How do I order eco-friendly business cards?
You don't have to do anything, all of our paper types are FSC certified (except PVC...), and even our EZ-packs are recyclable.

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